Memebox Colorboxes #1-3 & Scentboxes #1-3 Now Available for Pre-Order!

Memebox is back with the new Colorbox and Scentbox! The Colorbox is $15.oo and contains 3-4 products that have specific hues based on which box you choose (in this case red,orange, or blue). Scentbox has a similar concept at the same price of $15.00 and 3-4 products that have the same scents depending on your […]

Memebox for Hair & Body Ver.2 & Superboxes #19-21 Now Available for Pre-Order!

Memebox for Hair & Body Ver.2 is $23.00, and the Superboxes are all $39.00 each. You can click on the images below to learn more or to order a box.

Superbox #16 Now Available for Pre-Order!

Yay! I’m so excited that there’s a box dedicated to hair. Memebox has released all kinds of boxes including various skincare and makeup products, and now they’ve finally have one for haircare. You can click on the image below to order a box or to learn more.