Daily Fitness: February 27th

Hey guys! So yesterday I talked about how I haven’t been feeling motivated to workout, but I suddenly felt really motivated today! I know I won’t have time to workout tomorrow, so I also did the workout listed for the 28th. You can view today’s playlist here. 1. Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge  2. POP […]

Daily Fitness: February 26th

Hey everyone! Today’s schedule was a repeat from 2 weeks ago. I’ve improved since then! My thoughts are about the same for each workout (other than being able to do the moves with more ease). You can view the post (from 2 weeks ago) here and the Blogilates playlist  for today here. I’ve been losing motivation to […]

Daily Fitness: February 25th

Hey guys! My abs were really sore from yesterday’s workout, so the ab videos were especially challenging today! You can view the playlist here. 1. POP Cardio: Trafalgar Trimdown Toner | Invade London 2. POP Cardio – Fat Melting Routine: This is one of my favorite cardio videos. It’s short but keeps your heart pumping! […]

Daily Fitness: February 24th

Hey guys! Today was a “Total Body Torture” day on the Blogilates calendar. You can view the playlist here. 1. “Hot Summer” POP Cardio Dance Workout: Cassey hasn’t uploaded the new workout video for today yet, so I decided to revisit the “Hot Summer” dance routine from last week. I noticed a huge improvement! This […]

Daily Fitness: February 22nd & 23rd

Hey guys! Today I’ll be blogging about the 22nd and 23rd’s workouts. You can view the 22nd’s playlist here. 1. POP Pilates: Miley Cyrus Ab Workout 2. Abs All Night Challenge: I love eagle abs! It’s one of my favorite ab moves. 3. BIKINI BLASTER 3 – Abs Abs Abs!: There was so much plank in […]

Daily Fitness: February 21st

Hey everyone! Since I go to church on Friday nights, I’ve decided to switch the Friday and Sunday schedules on the Blogilates calendar. It was so nice to stretch and relax today after a long week! Cassey hasn’t posted the 23rd’s playlist yet, so I’ve included the links below. 1. The BEST Stretches for Chilling […]

Memebox #9 Now Available for Pre-Order!

(photo from Memebox’s website) Memebox #8 has sold out, and now #9 is available. Unfortunately, this Memebox does not offer any points, and you can’t get points for reviews anymore either. I think it’s still worth the price though. If you’re interested, there’s a new system for Memebox where you can reserve a box for $1.99 […]

Daily Fitness: February 20th

You can view today’s playlist here. 1. Live While We’re Young Inner Thigh Workout | POP Pilates: This pop song challenge is much more difficult than the ones I’ve done before. It was actually painful to stay up on my side, so I hope after building more muscle, I’ll be able to do this workout properly. […]

Daily Fitness: February 18th and 19th

Hey guys! I know I didn’t post yesterday, and I’m really busy today as well, but I’m going to keep up with my plan! I might have to write about multiple days at once on days where I have more time to write about the busy days. You can view yesterday’s playlist here. 1. Quiet Cardio Shhhh! […]

Daily Fitness: February 17th

Hey guys! I have been following the Blogilates calendar for more than one week now! You can view today’s playlist here. 1. “Hot Summer” POP Cardio Dance Workout: (Did anyone else think that this was going to be “Hot Summer” by f(x)?) This was definitely out of my comfort zone, because I have no idea how to dance! […]